Expand your customer base

MediaShack has a strong (and growing) marketing team. It helps us to expand your customer base through a variety of campaigns and initiatives, ranging from innovative marketing campaigns to door-to-door sales.


The services we offer include:

  • Retail Direct Sales Campaigns


  • Kiosk Sales


  • Door to Door Programs


  • Ethnic Marketing


  • Experiential Marketing

We ensure brands gain ground and succeed in the market through strategic, integrated live and digital experiences. At MediaShack, we’re experts in attracting attention for our customers’ products and services in a world where attention is in short supply. Utilizing targeted insights, strategic creativity, and armed with an exceptional team, we carefully tailor our programs to provide value that is relevant and compelling on a national level.

We offer clients the creative solutions, expertise, and resources to influence consumer buying behavior and deliver results. Through meaningful and personal interactions, we create a foundation that leads to advocacy for our clients’ brands. We build consumer loyalty for brands through a memorable experience. Then, we amplify it and deliver results, whether it is integrated, multi-year campaigns or grassroots, one-off activations. We listen to what your consumers and other stakeholders are saying. From that, we create and deliver an engaging, relevant story.

We also offer:

  • Data Mining & Customer Analytics

  • Mystery Shopper Programs

  • Sponsorship Evaluation